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Antacid Lab Conclusion

Antacid Lab Conclusion - Amir Jabbari Period 4 Antacid Lab...

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Amir Jabbari Period 4 Antacid Lab Conclusion In this lab we tested the effectiveness of several different antacids against acids. We also wanted to compare the neutralization of antacids. In order to do this we first obtained five different antacids, three of them were tabular, while the other two were liquid. To each antacid we added 15 mL of HCl and later 20 Drops of bromothymol blue indicator. Then we prepared a buret, attached to a clamp that we filled with NaOH then we slowly added the NaOH from the buret, to the antacid mixture until the antacid mixture permanently changed color. Then we recorded the results. In this experiment we found out that Tums is the best antacid because it had the highest milliequivalents per dose. This made the Tums more effective against acid then the other brands. This also showed that Tums was faster acting in comparison to the other anti acids. Tums also required the least amount of NaOH to neutralize the acid because it did much of the work itself.
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