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Cannibals Test - Cannibals Test Key Match the Term with the...

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Cannibals Test Key Match the Term with the closest corresponding definition. Write the letter of the corresponding definition on the line provided next to the term. 1) k Mr. Goodfellow 2) m Lord Mullock 3) e Island #2 4) a Island #4 5) f Island #5 6) j Island #6 7) l Father 8) i Island #1 9) h Early Discall 10) d Twin 11) c Island #3 12) b Midgley 13) g Benjamin Penny a. "A black cliff soared from the jungle in jagged shards and runs of green." b. Young small and blinded in both eyes c. Huge, Dense Trees. Opened up into glades and meadows. d. Saved from deadly storm by a fisherman grew up on the streets and became a gang member e. "Thin wisp of gray was ghosting up from its trees"(pg. 86) f. Calm Jungle, No Savages, Fruit and Coconut trees g. Worked as an apprentice to a coffin maker h. Told stories of his west country home; Pleasant i. Very Ridged, Barren landscape; One wall that divides the island in two j. Cannibal Island k. Cruel; Wants the diamond Tom found; very powerful man l. Sunburnt and bright, wrinkled around the eyes; kindhearted m. Wild man; Axe; Talked to a Bat; Lived on Island Fill in the blanks choosing words that correspond to the story from the word bank. Word Bank: bath cannibals Cannibals Croc Adams diamond Junglies Junglies oil
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14) Mr. Goodfellow was going to put Tom and his dad in prison if he didn't get the ___ diamond ____. 15) The water that they were drinking from in the cave according to the wild man was the ___ bath _ water. 16) "This __ oil _ is worth more than gold. It's warmth and light; a man can't live without it."(pg. 73) 17) The ___ Junglies _ were approaching the Island so everybody hurriedly got in the unfinished boat and left. 18) When asked what all the noises where on the second island with a frightened voice he screamed; There the ____ Junglies ____! 19) ""Oh, it's a gathering all right," said Mr. Mullock. "They're ______ Cannibals __, you fool. Listen to the drums. ...""(pg. 104) 20) Tom, Midge and Mr. Mullock took ____ Croc Adams _____ boat with leaf paddles in order to leave the third island. 21)
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Cannibals Test - Cannibals Test Key Match the Term with the...

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