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Raisin In The Sun Final Project Research The civil rights movement was a great set in the history of America it showed how society move and Martinez you would move on and it was the last act of America to prove itself that it was truly the land of the free and that everybody lived inside it was treated equally. Previously, blacks were tortured by the white man of both physically and mentally. They came to America seeking freedom and justice but all they got were hard rules and restrictions. They Will later take many millions to stand up against this problem but it only took one person to start a movement. That person was rosa parks she started a movement that would change the course of history forever.Rosa Parks was born as Rosa picked Louise McCauly picked on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. As a child she went to an all black school that the lack of proper equipment and books. She left her schooling in 11th grade to go take care of her ill picked grandmother. She soon join the
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