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Glossary of Terms - Glossary of Terms Adage-a traditional...

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Glossary of Terms Adage --a traditional saying or proverb. -Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish, feed him for eternity. Alliteration --a figure of speech formed by repeating the same initial consonant sound in several words in close succession. -Silly sounds and similes scream in the steam. Allusion --a reference in a story to the proper name of a character, thing or setting from another literary work of from real life. -It’s not like I’m Harry Potter and you are Ron. Assonance --a figure of speech in which the same accented vowel is repeated through several words in succession. -Lots of dots Conflict --a struggle between opposing forces. External —between two characters or forces. -She then grabbed me by the ear as hard as she cou8ld and slapped me across the face. Her eyes widened and she asked me what I was doing on her property. Internal --Struggle within a character. -As I ran away from the bear I was wondering what to do. If I jumped onto the branch there was a chance he could get me but if I kept on running I would get tired and he would catch me any ways. I was slowly running out of breath and starting to slow down… Hyperbole --an exaggeration for effect. -As he jumped in the pool the splash seemed as big as a tsunami. Imagery --the use of sensory words (sight, sound, smell, taste, feel) to describe an object or person.
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-As I felt the fluffy cushion my hand felt the texture of the outer braids on how soft that was and how many memories it brought back. Inference
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Glossary of Terms - Glossary of Terms Adage-a traditional...

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