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CME100 E. Darve Vector Calculus for Engineers Fall 2011 Course Information Sheet Web Site: Up-to-date course material including course schedule, office hours, room information, assignments, contact information, and handouts, will be available at . Instructor: Eric Darve ( [email protected] ) Office: Durand building, room 209 Phone: (650) 725-2560 (emergency: (650) 918-6407) TAs: Sudarsan Acharya, [email protected] , (650) 644-9609 Lam Pham, [email protected] , (650) 862-6939 Office hours and locations will be shown on coursework. Prof. Darve’s office hours will be on Tuesday from 2PM to 4PM in Durand-209. Discussion Section: We will have a discussion section every week during which the class material of the week will be reviewed and we will do practice problems. See schedule on coursework. This will start around week 3. Matlab Tutorials: Matlab tutorials will be held on the following days: Week 1 (this week!): Wednesday 9/28 7-8PM, 8-9PM Week 2: Wednesday 10/5 7-8PM, 8-9PM Week 3: Thursday 10/13 7-8PM, 8-9PM It is recommended to bring your own laptop with Matlab if you can. See coursework for the classroom location. Objective: The purpose of this course is to introduce advanced mathematical concepts and methods that find extensive use in many fields of modern engineering analysis. The goal is to familiarize students with powerful analytical and numerical tools in the areas of differential and integral calculus and applied vector analysis that can be used to solve a variety of real world engineering problems. Lectures will be supplemented by Matlab exercises and will include a large number
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Course Info - CME100 Vector Calculus for Engineers E Darve...

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