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Physics Dept, Stanford University Fall 2011 Physics 45 Problem set #1, due Friday Sept 30, 2011, by 6PM This first problem set is shorter than usual in consideration of the fact that it is assigned on Mon. 1. A sprinter can cover a distance of 100m in 10s (these days men do somewhat better, but we like round numbers that keep the math simple). Here we are only concerned with establishing a record (ie we do not care who wins the race). The time from the gun shot to the arrival is usually measured with a 10ms uncertainty. What is the uncertainty on the length of the track (ie on the distance between start
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Unformatted text preview: and finish line) that will result in an error on the velocity measurement equal to that due to the measurement of time? 2. How many hydrogen atoms are in a 1 liter bottle of water? (I do not need more than 2 significant figures!) 3. In the lab you measure the density of a rock by measuring its mass and its volume. If the mass is 12.65 grams and the volume is 4.3 cm 3 calculate the density with the proper number of significant figures . 4. You want to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper but you only have a ruler. How do you do your measurement?...
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