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Unformatted text preview: Problem set 1, Chem. 127/227, fall quarter 2011 • Each Friday or Saturday throughout the quarter, problem sets will appear on the class web site or will be sent to you via email. It’s ok to form study groups and to discuss the problems with one another. Use the problem sets to guide your study as they give a clear idea of what is considered important material for you to learn. As indicated on the syllabus, each problem set is worth a maximum of 2 points. • Solutions will be posted on the following Wednesday, after you turn in your work to me either before or right after class that Wednesday. 1. [a] Formulate two Zimmerman-Traxler transition structures for the reaction of benzaldehyde with the Z-enolate shown on the right: [b] Assuming that product selectivity will be based upon the relative energies of the two transition structures, predict the favored pathway. Indicate why it should be preferred. [c] Draw the product that results from each transition structure – first in the chair-like conformation that results from translating the transition structure into a product structure, then in the traditional zig-zag...
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