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ECONOMICS 281, Section A3 INTERMEDIATE MICROECONOMIC THEORY I Instructor Dr. Valentina Galvani Fall 2010 Rm. 7-27 Tory Office Phone: 492-1477 e-mail: [email protected] Classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 13:00 (1 pm), Rm. TB W 1. Office Hours Rm. 7-27, Tory, on Monday from 2 to 3 pm, or by appointment (send me an e- mail to schedule an appointment). General Office contact: 492-3406 (Please note the Economics General Office 8-14 is closed from 12:00 to 1:00) Textbook Besanko, D., and Braeutigam, R., 3 rd or 2 nd e, Microeconomics , Wiley & Sons, Inc. Note: You can purchase the Binder Version directly from Wiley, if you wish, at about 35% discount. Weekly Discussion Sessions Starting from the second week of classes, one of the Econ 281 TAs will be conducting weekly discussion sessions. While attendance is not mandatory, I strongly recommend you to take the time to participate. Discussion groups are scheduled for each week day at 4:00 to 4:50 PM and 5:00-5:50 PM in room T1-96 and each day 5:30-6:20 PM in room T1-90. Problem sets and assigned readings for the discussion groups will be announced in class, and will be available on the course webpage. Additional details will be provided in class. Course Overview Econ 281 is intended to introduce you to microeconomic theory and its application in everyday life. The course will explain how individual consumers and producers together determine the prices and quantities of goods available in the marketplace. We will investigate the underlying incentives of consumers to buy output and of firms to produce products that satisfy consumer demand. In addition, we will look at the effects of lack of competition from a welfare perspective. Prerequisite : Economics 101 or an equivalent course. Note: The Department may cancel your registration if you do not meet this prerequisite. Course Material The textbook is required. The textbook publisher also offers a Study Guide (Microeconomics, Study Guide, ISBN 0-471- 70968-9). The Study Guide is NOT required for this course. During the exams you will need a calculator. This course makes an extensive use of the e-class website. The following course material will be posted on e-class: marks, lectures’ Power Point presentations, additional exercises (with solutions), solutions of the textbook problems and announcements . Check out the course announcements quite frequently, please. 1
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Grades Your grade in Econ 281 will be determined by your exam performance. The exams will feature both open and multiple-choice questions. There are three mid-term exams, to be held in class, and a final exam. The final exam will be cumulative. No extra credits are available . Therefore, if you need an A to be awarded a scholarship, start working NOW. The breakdown of the scores is shown below, together with TENTATIVE exam dates. Mid-term Exam I 20 % Date: September 24 (in class) Mid-term Exam II 20 %Date: October 15 (in class) Mid-term Exam III 20 % Date: November 10 (in class) Final Exam 40 % Date: December 14 (Tuesday), 2 pm, location TBA Few words about the grading system: Grades reflect judgments of student achievement made by your instructor. These judgments are based on a combination of absolute achievement and
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