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MEMO TO : James Harkins FROM: Tyler Liebnau DATE: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 SUBJECT: Mac vs. PC, The Benefits of Both I have done some preliminary research for the meeting next week. I know we must make a decision by the end of next month about the type of computers we will purchase. Macs: Considered by many to be easier for novices to use and figure out. The Mac OS (operating system) was designed to be less intimidating, and the necessary software for networking is built in. The company that makes the operating system software also
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Unformatted text preview: makes the hardware, so the two work very well together. PCs: Usually more common in the workplace. This provides consistency between different businesses, making it easy to share knowledge, experience, and files. The Microsoft Windows operating system used on most PCs is probably the most recognized in the world. There is more software available for PCs. Later this week I will research the downside of each type of computer as it applies specifically to our company....
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