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2-2 - for men is 77 years of age For women it is 82 Also...

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MEMEO TO:   All Teachers and Students FROM:  Tyler Liebnau DATE: October 12, 2007 SUBJECT:   International Education Conference  Here is some background information on Australia for those of you who will be there for  the conference at the end of this month. The  capital  of the country is Canberra, which is where we will be staying. The  native  people  are made up of 92% Europeans, 6% Asians, and 2% Aboriginals. The  life  expectancy
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Unformatted text preview: for men is 77 years of age. For women, it is 82. Also, there is an amazing 99% literacy rate in the country. But here’s the best news. There will be many field trips and you will have the opportunity to go on at least three of them! Make sure to pack comfortable shoes and appropriate clothes . If you have any specific questions about the trip, contact your Conference Coordinator....
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