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Tyler Liebnau Gardening Tips Several people in the community have asked us for tips on rotating the produce in their gardens, so we’ve decided to devote this month’s newsletter to the topic of “crop rotation.” Okay, so you have a home garden and only a small space. You can still rotate your crops. Be diligent in discarding any insect-infested or diseased plant tissue and read the following information. We think it’ll help. Happy Gardening! The History of Crop Rotation The farmers of George Washington’s day devised methods to improve the long-term productivity of their land through crop rotation. Washington was not the first farmer to use a crop-rotation plan, but he was one of the first to use an extended rotation plan. Why Rotate Crops? Crops are changed year to year in a planned sequence in different sections of a farm or garden. Rotating crops helps in three ways. Preventing Soil Depletion Each crop uses different types and amounts of minerals from the soil. If the same crop is planted
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