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Food Nutrition 20 Foods and their Nutritional Value Tyler Liebnau Food Fat Protein Carbs Calories Sodium Cholesterol Type Pizza 21g 16g 37g 400 900mg 40mg Grain Shrimp 1g 18g 0g 84 190mg 166mg Meat Blueberry Bagel 1g 12g 64g 330 520mg 0mg Grain Sweetened Strawberrys .3g 2g 66g 245 8mg 0mg Fruit Rootbeer 0g 0g 50g 170 80mg 0mg N/A Chicken 2g 16g 0g 86 38mg 44mg Meat Steak 5g 25g 0g 155 51mg 54mg Meat Carrots 0g 0g 1g 1 1mg 0mg Veggies Cookie 3.6g 1g 9g 69 49mg 0mg N/A Potatoe Chips 10g 2g 15g 150 180mg 0mg Veggies Cheesburger 12g 15g 33g
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Unformatted text preview: 300 750mg 40mg Meat Ribs 7g 21g 0g 153 46mg 58mg Meat Gatorade 0g 0g 14g 55 0mg 0mg N/A Taco 9g 10g 21g 200 630mg 25mg Meat Ice cream 3.5g 4g 24g 150 60mg 15mg Diary Apple .2g 1g 15g 55 1mg 0mg Fruit Donut 12g 2g 22g 200 95mg 5mg N/A Hot Dog 13g 5g 2g 149 513mg 24mg Meat Chicken Soup 2g 5g 15g 100 1080mg 15mg Meat Pop Tart 6g 2g 37g 210 180mg 0mg Grain...
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