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Keyboarding and Computer Applications 1. After windows loads what must you do next? Log in 2. When logging-on what do you type in the name box? Student ID number 3. When logging - on what do you type in the password box? Type first name 4. Does the pointer move when you reach the end of the mouse pad and pick it up? No it must be on the mouse pad for it to move. 5. What are 3 ways to correct errors? Backspace key, delete key, and intersection point. 6. In your own words why do they call it a desktop? Desktop is where you work on a desk. 7. What screen tip do you get when the mouse is rested on the start command? The start button is highlighted. 8. What are 9 commands at the top of a word document?
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Unformatted text preview: File, edit, view, insert, format, tools, table, window, help. 9. Where does Windows display other open documents? Open dialog box. 10. Shortcuts to using menu commands are? Toolbox. 11. What is the area called that shows where you begin typing? Text. 12. Name 4 places you can save a file? File, folder, CD, and CD driver. 13. In one word how can you move scroll bars quickly? Drag. 14. To update an existing document do you use save or save as? Save 15. If you previously saved a document why does Microsoft Word ask you if you want to save when you click the close box? To help you save again under the document name. 16. Tyler Liebnau...
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