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1. Yes you choose and outline under Bullets and Numbering. 2. Yes a header appears at the top of each page along with footer. 3. To show a list of synonyms you right click the highlighted word, and go to the synonyms arrow. 4. Yes vertical alignment is centered right to left. 5. The start button is on the taskbar. 6. The keyboard shortcut for cutting text is Crtl + X 7. To display a shortcut menu for word you 8. Yes the increase indent button moves the indent to the next tab. 9. Yes the alignment buttons are on the toolbar. 10. Justified left and right are aligned. 11. You change margins at File, Page setup. 12. The backspace key deletes to the left. 13. Yes word checks spelling and grammar in the abc check button. 14. Yes print preview has its own toolbar. 15. The save command is under the File menu. 16. The close button exits out of the document. 17. The keyboard shortcut for bold is Crtl + B 18. A 2 inch left tab only left aligns the text.
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