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T T HE HE  M  M ASTERS ASTERS  P  P OETRY OETRY  C  C ONTEST ONTEST P.O. Box 98   Danville, KY 40423    (936) 214-8899   (936) 214-8800 Fax October 2, 2007 Mr. Peter Miller 68 North Main Street Seattle, WA 98195 Dear Mr. Miller: Thank you for your inquiry into the 2003 Masters Poetry Contest. The following categories of poems are presently being accepted into the contest: epics, odes, and epigrams. An epic is a long narrative poem that almost always tells about the heroic deeds of divine beings or people in war. An ode is a poem written about an occasion or a specific subject. It is usually more serious than other forms of poetry. And finally, an
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Unformatted text preview: epigram is a short, witty poem that is polished and has balance and clarity. Anyone is welcome to submit a poem. Your poem may be published or unpublished and will be returned to you after the winner is announced, along with a copy of the winning entry. Enclosed is a registration form to fill out and return with your submission. Make sure you put a check mark beside the correct category for your poem. All entries must be postmarked no later than November 13. Good luck! Sincerely, Tyler, Liebnau Contest Coordinator Enclosure...
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