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October 4, 2011 Ms. Lydia Eke Iroquois Indian Museum 1610 Middle Street Cincinnati, OH 45224 Dear Ms. Eke: I’ve been thinking of our last conversation, and I remember you said that your great grandfather was an Iroquois Indian. Yesterday in my Social Studies class we learned that generations of Iroquois men are legendary for erecting skyscrapers and steel bridges. Mohawks specifically are responsible for building most of New York’s skyscrapers.
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Unformatted text preview: Many Iroquois men say working with steel is another chapter in their history. There is even a National Ironworkers Training Program for American Indians. I know your father builds skyscrapers. Did he go through the training program? I am doing some research on the program for a class project. Any information you have would be great. Sincerely, Tyler, Liebnau 102 Main Street Cincinnati, OH 45224...
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