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October 4, 2007 Professor Bill Watkins University of California at Berkeley Department of Mathematics Berkeley, CA 94720 Dear Professor Watkins: I’ve figured out the lightning problem you challenged our class with last month when we visited your school. I calculated that it takes approximately 5 seconds to hear thunder from lightning that is 1 mile away. How? I solved the equation you gave us 1080*t=5280, where 1080 is the speed of sound, t is time, and 5280 is a mile measured in feet. Now I count the seconds
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Unformatted text preview: between the time I see lightning and hear thunder. Every 5 seconds puts the storm another mile away! I actually used this information during our last lightning and thunderstorm. It was really great to apply something Ive learned, especially something in mathematics. Thank you for spending the day with our class. Sincerely Tyler, Liebnau 8405 Jackman Temperance, MI 48144...
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