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You can but up to 6 columns on a document

You can but up to 6 columns on a document - 1 You can but...

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1. You can but up to 6 columns on a document. 2. You choose insert from menu bar, and choose Break from the insert menu. Then click on the section break and make it continuous to balance the columns. 3. Type of font that is without serifs or extensions at the end of the vertical and horizontal lines that make up its characters is called a sans serif. 4. Choose format from the menu bar, and choose font from format menu. Click the font tab and under affects click the check box beside the effect you want to apply. In this case a strikethrough font effect. 5. To add a symbol you choose Insert from the menu, and choose symbol from the insert menu. 6. The toolbar that font color is on, is the menu bar. 7. Yes a border appears behind text. 8. Yes both height and width handle with the size of something. 9. To use clipart you go to Insert menu, and click picture, add clipart. 10. Yes a picture is floating when you first insert it.
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