Exam 1 Key A - EXAMINATION 1, Version A Use a Scantron Form...

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Use a Scantron Form No. 886-E to record your choice of the best answer to each of the following questions. You have the full period to answer the questions. The following questions are worth three (3) points each . 1. Every business is managed through what three major functions? a) accounting, finance, and marketing b) engineering, finance, and operations management c) accounting, purchasing, and human resources d) accounting, engineering, and marketing e ) finance, marketing, and operations management 2. Which business function is responsible for planning, coordinating, and controlling the resources needed to produce a company’s products and services? a) engineering b) finance c) human resources d) marketing e) operations management 3. What concept involves breaking down the production of a product into a series of small, elementary tasks, each of which is performed by a different worker? a) division of labor b) interchangeable parts c) scientific management d) the Hawthorne effect e) operations research 4. What term describes the process of obtaining goods or services from an outside provider? a) outproviding b) transferization c) outsourcing d) subsourcing e) supersourcing 5. When does productivity increase? a) inputs increase while outputs remain the same b) inputs decrease while outputs remain the same c) outputs decrease while inputs remain the same d) inputs and outputs increase proportionally e) none of the above 6. Service design differs from product design by including __________________________. a) customer needs
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Exam 1 Key A - EXAMINATION 1, Version A Use a Scantron Form...

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