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BIS 219 CLUB IT Part 2 Assignment

BIS 219 CLUB IT Part 2 Assignment - Club IT Part 2 1 Club...

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Club IT Part 2 1 Club IT Part 2 Axia College September 18 th , 2011
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Club IT Part 2 2 Club IT is a downtown music venue that is trying to make a name in the entertainment scene. The owners just renovated the club, giving it a modern look. However, Club IT still has not reached it’s full potential. The club could make more money if three main problems would be solved: guest communication, supply chain, and information management. All three of these problems can be solved through Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Club IT’s guest are mostly next generation, and millennia, therefore, young, and technology-savvy people (Apollo Group, 2010). Most of them use their cell phones for much more than just placing phone calls and are used to doing almost anything online (Apollo Group, 2010). Club IT should invest in technology to meet their guests’ needs and wants. The owners have acknowledged that few nightclubs have taken advantage of their technology- advanced guests, and wants to be one of the first. The Club’s website would have to restructured to meet the guests needs. For example, the website could have a members only part, where registered guests can log in, see upcoming specials, view and share photos, and make reservations. The registered user part of the website could ask for the registered users’ cell phone number, so that
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