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APS111&113-2011-Agenda-Week02 - notebook • Write...

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Agenda – ESP I - Week 2 Overview You will be introduced to the tutorial format and to the design project on which you will be working for the rest of the tutorial sessions. 1. Arrive on time. The tutorials in this course are mandatory. If you must miss a tutorial session for any reason, please notify your TA in advance. 2. Sign in on the attendance sheet. 3. Start your Engineering Notebook: Write your name on the inside cover. Date a new page. 4. Introduction to the tutorial. Your TA will introduce himself or herself to the tutorial. Your TA will explain what you will be doing in the tutorials. Write the name and contact information of your TA into your engineering
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Unformatted text preview: notebook. • Write any special information for contacting your TA or his or her availability. 5. Introduction to the first design project. 6. Q & A: Your TA will be available during the remaining time in this tutorial session to answer questions. 7. Eat Lunch! If you bring your lunch, you may eat it during tutorial every week. Please remember to throw away your trash. Action items to be completed before the tutorial next week: • Print out and bring to tutorial a copy of the Week 3 tutorial agenda. • Don’t forget to bring your engineering notebook to EVERY tutorial....
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