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APS111&113-2011-Agenda-Week04 - Agenda ESP I Week 4...

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Agenda – ESP I - Week 4 Overview In this tutorial you will be finalizing your team processes, start developing a first draft of your problem statement, and then assigning information gathering tasks. 1. Engineering Notebook : date a new entry. 2. TA : Introduction to tutorial. 3. Teamwork : Decide how to decide How will your team make decisions? Decide on a team decision making strategy and record it into your engineering notebook. This is a requirement and will be check during the notebook checks. 4. Teamwork : Define Roles and Responsibilities a. Team Leader – this person will be the team leader for the rest of the project b. Chair of this session (who will make sure this session stays on track) c. Note taker for this session (even if you are not the note taker you should still be taking notes form a personal perspective in your engineering notebook) 5. Design : Develop Design Problem Statement. Using the client statement, construct a draft of a problem statement that the team will use to guide its design activities.
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