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Agenda – ESP I - Week 7 Overview After completing any outstanding team process tasks you have the remainder of the tutorial to work on your Conceptual Design Specification (CDS). 1. Engineering Notebook : date a new entry. 2. TA : Introduction to tutorial. 3. Teamwork : Define Roles and Responsibilities a. Chair of this session (who will make sure this session stays on track) b. Note taker for this session (even if you are not the note taker you should still be taking notes form a personal perspective in your engineering notebook) 4. Design: Complete idea generation process 5. Teamwork : Check-up: how are we doing so far as a team? Are there any problems that need to be resolved? 6. Design: Idea Evaluation TIP: Use the flipcharts. A visual representation of the ideas helps the team focus. a. Multi-voting Create a list of all the ideas generated by the team (20-40). Eliminate any duplicates. Reduce your ideas to no more than 10 using multi-voting.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Graphical decision matrix Further reduce to 5 ideas using a graphical decision matrix. c. Weighted decision matrix Numerically compare your design ideas based on their functions, key objectives and constraints. 5 ideas. At least 4 constraints. 5-6 objectives. TIP: Write details about the decision process in your engineering notebook. Your TA will be looking for them during the notebook check. 7. Design: Work on CDS Action Items to be completed before tutorial next week : • Study for midterm exam. • Schedule a meeting with your Communication Instructor to go over the PR. • Extend and update your project schedule to the deadline for the CDS. • Prepare for engineering notebook check next tutorial. • Prepare useful feedback for Prof. McCahan. Useful feedback was defined in lecture....
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