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Agenda – ESP I - Week 10 Overview In this tutorial you have a chance to ask questions of your TA regarding your group CDS marking and explain any issues with your attribution table. Fill out the teaching evaluation forms for your TA and CI (forms will be distributed in tutorial). Additionally you should use the remaining time to do the reading required for your seminar. 1. Engineering Notebook : date a new entry. 2. TA : Introduction to tutorial. 3. Debrief : Meet with the TA o Each group member will verify that the contribution he or she made to the Team CDS is accurately recorded on the attribution form. o The group and the TA are to complete the CDS Debrief form. o Team members may be asked to discuss what team strategies worked best, or
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Unformatted text preview: what they might do differently in their next design team. 4. Seminar : Read the posted articles for your seminar. o Use the procedure in “Discussion Guidelines for Seminars” contained in the Course Package. o Pay particular attention to the questions in the Guidelines while reading the articles. Action Item for next week : • Prepare for your seminar. Make sure you know which seminar group you are in, where it will be meeting, and what readings and preparation are required. This information will be posted on the Blackboard course website. TIP: Even though the seminars are taking place in the same time slot as your tutorials, they may not be located in the same room and you will be with different students....
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