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FAQs_2011Sep09 - Due to the high volume of text messages...

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Due to the high volume of text messages received during the first lecture, not all questions can be answered. However, a list of frequently asked questions has been generated below: FAQs Texting Rules: 1. Outside of normal lecture hours, text messages sent to the ESP cell phone may not be answered. If it is an important question and we feel that everyone in the class should know about this, the answer will be posted here on blackboard 2. Please use appropriate language when texting, and keep in mind that after you texted us, we have your number! 3. The ESP cell phone is for the purpose of texting in lectures only. Any calls made to the ESP cell phone will not be answered. Engineering Notebook 1. Where do we get the engineering notebook? 2. Does it matter whether it’s a chemistry or physics notebook? 3. What type of paper do we need in the notebook? 4. Can we buy other types of notebooks? Please refer to the Engineering Notebook section in your course pack. You can buy the notebook
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