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S_02_01_Best_Flavour_Question - The DSS enabled BFS to...

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AK/ADMS 2511 - Session 2, Best Flavour Snacks Recently, Best Flavour Snacks (BFS) had been experiencing slumping sales in Vancouver and Victoria. CEO Bob Smart used a new decision support system (DSS) to analyze data from B.C. stores and quickly isolated the cause. A competitor had introduced new low-fat white corn tortilla chips that were stealing shelf space from BFS’s traditional tortilla chips. BFS had a new white corn version on the shelves within three months and won back market share. Two years ago it might have taken three months just to pinpoint the problem.
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Unformatted text preview: The DSS enabled BFS to analyze data that had been collected and processed by the organization's other information systems. The ability to gather and integrate large volumes of data from its business operations, then organize, analyze and report results on a variety of dimensions, allowed BFS to rapidly investigate and assess the cause of the sales slump. Required: A) Describe five other types of information systems that BFS would likely use in its business operation. For each type of information system, give an example of how BFL could use the system....
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