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AK/ADMS 2511 – Session 2, Remarkable Sportswear Remarkable Sportswear manufactures and sells windbreakers, jackets, pants, shirts and caps for team sports. Jane Singer, the owner, gave her CEO, Tim, the task of expanding the business into uniforms for factories and utility companies but warned him that she did not want the relationship with long-time suppliers and corporate clients affected adversely. Tim decided the way to go would be to launch a web site that would serve two purposes: visually showcase their products to current and prospective clients and allow online ordering. Corporate clients would make use of a feedback area where they would ask for modifications and would be called by telephone and walked through the process in
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Unformatted text preview: person. Retail customers would be able to purchase current, generic stock without the call-back. Required Jane Singer gave her CEO, Tim, the go-ahead because she saw that her company had to change to thrive. (a) List three business pressures that have altered the business environment and for each business pressure explain how they relate to Remarkable Sportswear. Use the table format below to record the answer. Business pressure How it relates to Remarkable Sportswear: (b) Use Porter’s model to identify which competitive forces Remarkable Sportswear is exposed to. Justify your answer. (c) Is the web site with accompanying procedures an effective response to the competitive forces that you identified in part (b). Why or why not? 1...
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