S2_AGuide_Remarkable_Sportswear - AK/ADMS 2511 Session 2,...

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AK/ADMS 2511 – Session 2, Remarkable Sportswear, Answer Guide (a) Using Figure 2.1 and Table 2.2, list and describe the purpose of the types of software that Remarkable Sportswear likely uses. For each software type, describe at least one job position that would use the software and explain how it would be used. [The table below provides some examples, others are possible, refer to text, starting with p. 34 and Table 2.1 on p. 38. Note that many valid examples are possible.] Software type and purpose Job position using it and how it would be used Transaction processing system for recording and transforming information; also known as functional area IS * Sales staff record quantities purchased and issue invoices * Accounting staff use reports to track sales * Employees enter time records so that they can be paid Office automation system that includes word processing, spreadsheet and email software * prepare documents for use as reports or letters * use spreadsheets to prepare budgets Management information
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S2_AGuide_Remarkable_Sportswear - AK/ADMS 2511 Session 2,...

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