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Session 11 – IT’s About Business 10.1: British Telecom Justifies its Applications 1. Explain how British telecom ended up with 4,300 information systems initiatives across the company. What are the costs and risks associated with having so many initiatives ongoing? - There was no central oversight. - Each business unit had its own IS department and there was no cost justification process for projects, therefore anyone who had an idea could generate a project even if it was a duplicate of something already underway in another business unit, or even if it had no real value to the company. - Having so many ongoing initiatives meant that there would be the risk of significant duplication of systems, leading to higher costs and loss of integrity. - Inefficiencies and loss of economies of scale would also result. - There is also the risk that some initiatives might contradict others due to the
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Unformatted text preview: lack of a centralized strategy. 1. Detail how the company went from 4,300 initiatives to 29. How would this result in lower costs and increase the organizations competitiveness?-Each project was evaluated and projects were cancelled if they did not support a strategic initiative and meet the requirement that they have a return on investment. -By reducing the number of initiatives, the cost of resources and likely payroll, would be reduced. -The process of identifying and consolidating the initiatives would also likely afford an opportunity for analyzing the corporate operations and reviewing its strategy. -This systems integration process (ERP) would also improve operational efficiency and consolidate data repositories. -All of these serve to increase the organizations competitiveness....
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