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S12-01_Blorney_Answer - (see text pg.78-85 The following...

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AK/ADMS 2511 - Blorney, Answer Guide A) What are the different ways that Blorney’s employer could have prevented or detected unauthorized access to information or programs? - passwords could be used - data could be encrypted/scrambled - exception reports could have been created listing unusual transactions - exception reports could have been created showing unusual access - sensitive information can be stored on a separate machine B) Identify different types of controls that could be implemented in information systems environments. For each type of control, provide an example. [Note that points should be different from Part (A).]
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Unformatted text preview: (see text pg.78-85) The following different types of controls would each be awarded one mark, plus a second mark for a valid example (examples are not listed below, see text). Alternatively, you could list multiple types of controls or multiple examples for a particular control type. See also Table 3.1, page 80 for further examples. Control environment (not listed in text, but used in internet course notes) General controls Software controls Hardware controls Computer operation controls Data security controls Implementation controls Administrative controls Application controls Input controls Processing controls Output controls...
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