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Sap First Assignment Below are the questions to address regarding your first SAP assignment which is worth 5% of your final mark for this course. The assignment itself is out of 13 marks. Due to the scheduling issues in this course section, the deadline for this assignment is extended by two weeks. It is now due before Wednesday, November 4/09. Please note there is no class on October 28. Please submit your assignment by softcopy in moodle under your correction Section by November 4th. Make sure all pages are submitted in one drop since you are only allowed to submit attachments only once for the assignment, and that each page has your name and student number clearly indicated. You are encouraged to submit earlier. ================================================ SAP Assignment #1 Due by Wednesday November 4th, 2009 by using Moodle.
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Unformatted text preview: 1.(8 marks) Identify the three different levels in three-tier client/server architecture and briefly describe what each level does. Describe how three tier architecture provides advantages over a two-tier or one-tier structure. 2.(3 marks) Explain from a business perspective why it is not possible to delete most master file objects and most transactions in the SAP system. 3.(2 marks) Hand in the printout of the document flow from the SAP exercise. SAP Download Link Download the software first and then run it on your computer DO NOT RUN IT FROM THE LINK YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS AND IT WILL TAKE FOREVER Link found in Chapter 2 of the course website or
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