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1 Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 1 Welcome to … ADMS 2511 Management Information Systems, Section A Session 1 My name is: John Kucharczuk Email: [email protected] Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 2 Before we go on … Please close your laptop computers Put away your cell phones (turn them on vibrate if you need to keep them on). If you need to text or talk on your cell phone, please do so at break. Deal with any noisy food wrappers Put away newspapers or other distractions Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 3 Today’s Agenda Discuss course objectives Discuss course evaluation methods Talk About SAP Clarify the nature of plagiarism Examine the nature of information technology and organizations in a global context Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 4 What are your objectives in this course? Is this a required course for all of you? What grade are you looking to achieve? How much time are you willing to spend? Take the time to lay out your work schedule and check your calendar Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 5 My role in this classroom Provide structure and fun for your learning Act as a resource for your questions Provide tools to facilitate your meeting the learning objectives Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 6 This course is about “Information Technology” What is information technology? Where is it in your life? Who uses it? Talk to your neighbour Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on to remove this watermark.
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2 Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 7 Course evaluation structure Friday October 23, 7pm MIDTERM EXAM (35%) – Makeup Wednesday Oct 28 7pm Dec 7th – Dec 20 FINAL EXAM (45%) November 18th, beginning of class, FOLIO Assignment (5%) SAP Work (15%), See Course Outline for Schedule: 5% October 21 st - Create a Customer 10% November 25 th – Create an Item and Sales Order Copyright I. Splet stoesser-Hogeterp 8 Today’s Learning Objectives relate to: Explaining our course structure and evaluation methods Defining information
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Session_1_ClassBW6upcourse - Please purchase PDFcamp...

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