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6 part 2 - 1 Pringles is planning their sales force...

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1. Pringles is planning their sales force spending for the next year. Each of their salespeople spends about 3400 hours annually actually selling the product. Pringles has 40,000 retail customers. Considering that the salespeople call on each of their customers on a weekly basis and they spend an average of 45 minutes on each sales call, how many salespeople does Pringles need? Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback 1. Can't tell from information given. 2. 275 3. 9 4. 459 100% 5. 529 General Feedback: Lecture page 87 # of salespeople = # of customers x call frequency x average length of sales call / average amount of salesperson selling time available annually # of salespeople = 40,000 customers x 52 calls (one per week) x .75 (45 minutes is ¾ of an hour) / 3400 hours # of salespeople = 458.8 Round up to 459 people, so correct answer is D Score: 1/1 2. Joe is a manufacturer's representative for a company in San Diego, CA. He is trying to save some money to buy an engagement ring because he wants to propose to his girlfriend in a few months. Joe's boss told him that he would give him a $1,000 bonus this month if his conversion rate was greater than 70%. Joe made 42 sales calls this month. He closed 31 sales and sold over $80,000 worth of merchandise. Joe's sales quota was $120,000. What was Joe's conversion rate for the month? Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback A. Not enough information. B. 135% C. 150% D. 73.8% 100% E. 66.7% General Feedback: Lecture page 87 A. In this quiz question, we are given the number of Joe’s sales calls and closed sales. This is enough information to solve for conversion rate. B. 135% ≠ 73.8% C. 150% ≠ 73.8% D. Conversion Rate = (# Sales / # Calls) = (31 / 42) = .738 = 73.8% E. 66.7% ≠ 73.8% Score: 1/1
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3. An order getter is a: Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback by the company. 0% A) Missionary salespeople are member of the sales support team who do not directly solicit orders but rather concentrate on performing promotional activities and introducing new products. B) An order taker is someone who processes routine orders or reorders for products that were already sold by the company. C) A sales engineer is someone who specializes in identifying, analyzing, and solving customer problems, but who does not actually sell products and services.
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