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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 CHM 2211-0771 Quiz #05 Form B Page 1 of 1 Please Last PRINT name: First name: UFID: ______ /20 pts. Put your answers in the spaces, or check R or insert your answer Graded by 1. ( 12 pts ) See Problems 18.19 Consider reactions of benzoyl chloride. (a) For the formation of the ketone (on the left), provide the reagent , the solvent and the reaction condition . (b) Provide the reagent for work-up. (c) Provide the reactant that will convert benzoyl chloride into the product (shown on the right). (d) Complete the structure of Product 1 resulting from the reaction with 2 (two) equivalents of PhNH 2 . (e) Draw the structure of the accompanying Product 2 . (f) Draw (complete) the structure of the organic product resulting from the reaction with CH 3 CH 2 OH. Ph O Cl (a) Step 1: Reaction Reagent Solvent condition (PhCH 2 ) 2 CuLI Et 2 O –78°C (b) Step 2: Work-up reagent
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