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8487-Q-01B-KEYcorr - Wednesday Please PRINT Last name CHM...

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 CHM 2211-8487 Quiz #01 Form B Page 1 of 1 Please Last PRINT name: First name: UFID: ______ /20 pts. Put your answers in the spaces, or check R or insert your answer Graded by Alex 1. ( 3 pts ) (a) (b) Provide the reagents A and B , respectively, that form the organolithium reagent (on the right). (c) Provide a suitable solvent for this reaction. (a) Reagent A (b) Reagent B PhCH 2 –Br + 2 Li (c) Solvent pentane or hexane PhCH 2 –Li _____ 2. ( 3 pts ) (a) Complete the reaction of benzyllithium with H 2 O, showing the organic product (on the left). (b) Provide the reagent that converts benzyllithium into the corresponding Gilman reagent. (c) Draw the structure of the Gilman reagent (on the right). PhCH 2 –Li H 2 O (a) Product PhCH 3 (c) Gilman reagent (PhCH 2 ) 2 CuLi (b) Reagent CuI _____ 3. ( 5 pts ) (a) Provide the reagents for the work-up (= step 2) of the following reaction.
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