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Monday, February 21, 2011 CHM 2211-8487 Quiz #06 Form A Page 1 of 1 Please Last PRINT name: First name: UFID: ______ /20 pts. Put your answers in the spaces, or check R or insert your answer 1. ( 6 pts ) See Problems 19.18 (a) Provide the (most commonly used) reagent for initiating the aldol reaction of the diketone. (b) Draw (complete) the structure of the resulting first-formed (mono-deprotonated) species . (c) Draw curved electron arrows to show the electron flow, when the two functionalities of the species in (b) undergo an intramolecular reaction (step 2). (d) Draw (complete) the structure of the aldol product resulting from the reaction with water (step 3). Ph Ph O O NaOH (a) Reagent for step 1 Ph Ph O O Na (b) First-formed species (c) Step 2: Curved el arrows Step 3: H 2 O Ph O Ph OH (d) Aldol product – H 2 O _____ 2. ( 4 pts ) See Problems 19.19 (a) Draw the structures of the two starting materials 1 and 2 that upon applying the same reagent as in 1. (a) and followed by heating will form the α , β -unsaturated ketone as the product.
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