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Monday, April 11, 2011 CHM 2211-8487 Quiz #10 Form A Page 1 of 1 Please Last PRINT name: First name: UFID: ______ /20 pts. Put your answers in the spaces, or check R or insert your answer 1. ( 2 pts ) Select ( circle ) (a) the stronger acid , (b) the stronger base . N Ph H Ph Ph NH 2 N H N H H (a) Circle the stronger acid (b) Circle the stronger base _____ 2. ( 4 pts ) Separation of a mixture of aniline and acetanilide dissolved in Et 2 O . (a) Provide the reagent and (b) the solvent for the separation of both compounds in immiscible solvents. (c) Draw the structure of the compound in the ether layer . (d) Draw the structure of the compound in the other layer as provided in (b). Mixture of dissolved in Et 2 O (a) Reagent (b) Solvent in Et 2 O in the solvent provided in (b) (c) Compound in Et 2 O layer (d) Compound in the layer provided in (b) Cl H 2 O HCl Ph–NH 2 Ph–NH 3 Ph–NHCOCH 3 Ph–NHCOCH 3 _____ 3. ( 7 pts ) Convert a 3° amine into an alkene (Cope elimination). (a) Provide the reagent that in step 1 forms the precursor [in (b)]. (b) Draw (complete) the structure of the precursor of the final product. (d) Draw
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