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syllabus_m7350_s2011_v1_0 - Math 7350 Spring 2011 Professor...

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Math 7350 Spring 2011 Professor William Ott Course Syllabus office hours: Tu 15:00-16:00, Th 10:30-11:30 office: 603 PGH email: ott[at]math[dot]uh[dot]edu web: http://www.math.uh.edu/ ott/ Prerequisite : Math 6342 or consent of instructor Overview. This is a first course on smooth manifolds. We will begin with foundational material. We will then study embedding theory, tensors, differential forms, integration on manifolds, de Rham cohomology, flows, the Lie derivative, foliations, Lie groups, and Lie group actions. Textbooks. (1) Required (a) Introduction to Smooth Manifolds
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