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WHOLE FOOD MARKETS, INC. COMPANY PROFILE Whole Food Markets opened its first store in Austin, Texas in 1980. Today, Whole Foods is an international leader in natural and organic foods. There are over 270 Whole Foods stores in North America and the United Kingdom. The main goals that Whole Food Markets strives to uphold include acquiring and using the best natural and organic food sources available, maintaining a superior standard of product quality compared to its industry competitors, and remaining firmly dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Whole Food Markets offer a wide range of products, mostly in the grocery category. Whole Foods stores are quite spacious and can be described as supermarkets to the extreme because of their huge warehouses and enormous variety of products. The three principal values that form the basis of Whole Food Markets’
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Unformatted text preview: general mission are: “Whole Foods,” “Whole People,” and “Whole Planet.” “Whole Foods” refers to the company’s reliance on natural and organic foods of the highest quality, which they believe to be the most flavorful and nutritious foods on earth. “Whole People” refers to the company’s commitment to maintaining a friendly and cohesive work environment for its employees, so that each staff member is able thrive in the self-directed, loosely-structured company environment. “Whole Planet” refers to Whole Foods’ commitment to protecting the environment by advocating organic farming and sustainable agriculture that ensures the profitability of farms....
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