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Baran Group - and projects They customize these solutions...

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BARAN GROUP COMPANY PROFILE The Baran Group is a global supplier of innovative technology, construction, and engineering services. The company specializes in certain services such as engineering and detailed design, feasibility and conceptual studies, environmental permits, regulation and validation, project management, and maintenance systems. Because the Baran Group is so internationally dispersed, it serves a variety of markets in all different sectors, like industrial process, manufacturing, power sources, petroleum technology, water supplies, hazardous waste, building, and telecommunications. Baran uses its staff to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems
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Unformatted text preview: and projects. They customize these solutions for each private client’s circumstances. The Baran Group has over 1,800 employees worldwide in 14 regions: Israel, the United States, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Nepal, Thailand, Africa, and Vietnam. The headquarters of the Baran Group rests in Tel Aviv, Israel. The main principles the company was founded upon include business ethics, community economic development, community relations, environmental protection, human rights, social accountability, and quality policy....
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