Ode to a Basking Fern

Ode to a Basking Fern - A fan is formed by lengthy leaves...

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Rosenberg 1 Claire Rosenberg Mr. Winland Creat Writ/Brit Lit 1 April 2011 Ode to a Basking Fern As raindrops ceased to grace the earth, The woodlands saw a natural birth. Of plant life weak from fallen dew, A scene emerged with strength anew. Alone a hike led deep within, That only now it should begin. The hour’s walk had soon a turn, In stumbling ‘cross a moistened fern. Its leaves spread wide in upward reach, With passions deep it aims to teach. The beauty of such ancient green, What fortune’s chance to have been seen. In sunlight as it basks away, The fern does welcome each new ray. Like long-lost friends, the plant and sun, Each harmonizing into one. The way in which the fern’s spores coil, Seem beckoning into the soil.
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Unformatted text preview: A fan is formed by lengthy leaves – A tool to placate nature’s heaves. The stem, a source of food and life, Holds power key to end all strife. Enveloped as the fern may be, Its essence acts collectively. Perhaps ‘twas dew that made it clear, The likeness shared by both us here. My true existence often masked, Like twisted spores not quite yet basked. Yet as I weighed these common traits, I realized how that fern translates. The hike had been a solo plight, Which cut me off from social light. A simple fern under the sun Taught me to welcome everyone. Rosenberg 2 For just as loneliness ends dry, So too one day all ferns must die....
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Ode to a Basking Fern - A fan is formed by lengthy leaves...

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