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Rosenberg 1 Claire Rosenberg Mr. Winland Brit Lit/Creat Writ 30 September 2010 A Sample of America’s Most Influential Class The question has loomed over all of mankind; Its answer, it seems, impossible to find. What is this planet and how did we get here? And why is life’s purpose forever unclear? I’ve heard all the claims that those scientists make, But know in my soul that such blasphemes are fake. They tell me I come from some old monkey’s genes, That my blood confirms evolution’s true means All of this junk and these numbers won’t trick me; How one values facts over faith I can’t see. My pastor at church has uncovered God’s way: To embrace the unseen and cast facts astray.
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Unformatted text preview: For science and facts are all deceptive tricks; As Pastor has said “God and science don’t mix.” And now I appeal to your logical mind; I ask you to leave “proven data” behind. You must join us good ones – children of the Lord, Or else too much science will render you bored. Would you choose short earth life, then eternal rot, Over wings, clouds, unicorns, and Camelot? And who really cares that the church has no proof! So what if it all may be some crack head’s spoof? I care not that sheer myths are what fill my heart, As long as all crack heads remain just as smart....
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