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Religion Test Unit 1 Essay

Religion Test Unit 1 Essay - Claire Rosenberg Period 1 Unit...

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Claire Rosenberg 9/14/10 – Period 1 Unit 1 Test Essay One of the most important questions that humans attempt to answer is whether or not God exists. An individual’s answer to this question affects that person’s view of reality, morals, values, self-perception, and decisions made in life. The belief in God determines how a person views life altogether. Mortimer Adler stated “More consequences for thought and action follow the affirmation or denial of God, than from answering any other basic question.” I find Adler’s idea to be for the most part true, with some exceptions. Those who believe in a supreme being rely on the existence of certain universal truths. They believe that if one thing is true, it must be true for all people. For theists, truth corresponds with reality. Those who do not believe in a higher power do not rely on universal truths, because there is no solid foundation for these truths. Atheists uphold the theory that humans have only one intrinsic right, the right to their own life. Theists believe that all reality is based on the will of the creator. They believe that each person has a set destiny defined by God. Atheists do not believe that humans have set destinies. They believe that every person has free will and one’s actions are what determine one’s future. These varying views on destiny often affect an individual’s life choices. Theists often choose their actions according to what they believe will please God and ensure a positive destiny. Atheists do not see a higher power as the determiner of their fate, so free will is the main factor in one’s actions and decisions. It is evident that the
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