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Change Proposal2

Change Proposal2 - TO Dr Kristen Bell DeTienne OB 321...

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TO: Dr. Kristen Bell DeTienne, OB 321 Professor FROM: Di Liu DATE: September 17, 2011 SUBJECT: Proposal to Write a Change Paper The following is a proposal to develop loss weight plan as part of an Individual Application study. This proposal contains the benefits of daily exercise and healthy eating style; my lack of motivation to do exercise, a brief summary of the work I plan to do, and how I will measure improvement. I look forward to hearing your ideas about the feasibility of this project. Need for Loss Weight Plan Daily Exercise : The dietary guideline released by the U.S. government shows 30 minutes of exercise daily is needed for an adult to have a healthy lifestyle and keep healthy. By doing exercise daily, people can obviously loss their weight. Daily exercise helps people burn the calories and fat. Healthy Eating Style: Experts agree the key to have a healthy eating style is to eat a wide variety of foods and get different nutrients for our bodies. For example, people can eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods
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