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The study of Language Lecture Notes - 1 The study of...

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1 The study of Language Why study language (Reading Assignment: file 1.1) a. Language makes us uniquely human b. Helps us to create complex thoughts c. Instrument for self identity and is indispensible for social interactions in a society. (we speak differently depending on where we come from, the speech situation and style) d. We use language to create social network e. Study of Lang helps us to develop better teaching material or tools for Lang instructions f. Helps us to develop therapy for treating people with Lang disorders. g. Helps us to develop computer software (artificial intelligence, voice recognition etc) that serve as interface in human and computer interaction. Levels of Linguistics Analysis Language is studied at different levels of analysis namely; Phonetics Phonology Morphology Syntax Semantics Others So, the question is what do you know when you know a language? The answer is you have tacit or intuitive knowledge about all these levels of linguistic description. The Speech Communication Chain Use the illustration on pp 7 for discussion while interacting with the class. Students can read out the boxes while you explain.
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Competence and Performance (Reading Assignment File 1.2) a. a person’s unseen potential to speak a language b. it’s intuitive or tacit c. Linguist’s goal is to capture and describe this knowledge or competence. Performance a. the observable realization of linguistic competence b. it is the actual speaking of the language c. used to deduce competence because it is observable d. poor reflection of competence because of performance errors Performance errors include: a. forgetfulness b. mispronunciation of words c. jumbling of words in sentences Causes of performance errors a. tiredness b. distraction c. stage fright d. other mistakes How you store linguistic competence
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The study of Language Lecture Notes - 1 The study of...

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