ISB 2-127-2011 - Proved hypothesis to be incorrect Cambrian...

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ISB 2-17-2011 17:41 Microfossil:  A fossil that is microscopic in size BOOK IS WRONG: the oldest is 3.5 billion years old from lara wuna church in Australia,  but are not real fossils/organisms. Bacteria:  Simplest form on life on earth We have rocks more ancient than the Cambrian period that have preserved  microorganisms.  Principal of Superposition: Used by Darwin to find ages of fossils No fossils known before the Cambrian Creationists are happy to know that no fossils have been found before Cambrian time.  Organisms are created for a specific purpose. No knowledge of Precambrian fossils before 1956
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Unformatted text preview: Proved hypothesis to be incorrect Cambrian explosion is not an explosion at all, but it took place 80 million years before Cambrian. Hypothermalphyles: bacteria that can live in super heated water, and can survive quite well. Oldest evidence of life on earth: 3.5 billion years old carbon 13 Earth is roughly 5 billion years old. Large Planetesimal collided with the ancient earth (tellus) Force of the impact was so great that both objects melted Lighter portion separated out as the moon, and the heavier material separated as the earth. 17:41 17:41...
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ISB 2-127-2011 - Proved hypothesis to be incorrect Cambrian...

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