Lecture 12 Notes - D.1 Innovators D.1.a Venturesome risk...

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Lecture 12 Notes I. Introduction A. Power is Critical in Change A.1. Change involves influence A.2. Focus on persuasion to adopt changes II. Motive to Connect A. Definition of Innovation A.1. A proposed change from status quo A.2. That is perceived as new B. Diffusion B.1. The adoption of the new innovation B.2. Using both interpersonal and mass/social media C. Diffusion Speed Depends On C.1. Innovation Features C.1.a. Relative Advantage C.1.b. Compatibility C.1.c. Complexity C.1.d. It must be better, familiar, and easy or people will not adopt it C.2. The Message C.2.a. How well people are informed C.2.b. How intense persuasion is C.3. Channels C.3.a. Extensive face-to-face comm. C.3.b. Redundant, consistent media exposure C.4. Amount of time that passes C.4.a. Must be perceived as new C.4.b. Items are adopted in stages D. Adopter Categories
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Unformatted text preview: D.1. Innovators D.1.a. Venturesome risk takers D.1.b. Cosmopolites D.1.c. 2.5% of population D.2. Opinion Leaders D.2.a. Like to try new things D.3. Early Adopters D.3.a. Not emotional about change D.3.b. Deliberate shoppers D.3.c. 34% of population D.4. Late Adopters D.4.a. Reject Change III. Adoption Process A. Knowledge Stage A.1. Individual teams of ideas existence A.2. Lacks information about it B. Persuasion Stage B.1. People develop interest B.2. Seek additional information B.3. Change agent is critical C. Decision Stage C.1. Mental application of the innovation C.2. Person decides to try it D. Implementation Stage D.1. Application on small scale D.2. Determines utility E. Confirmation Stage E.1. Seek information to confirm decision to adopt E.2. Imitators enter market...
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Lecture 12 Notes - D.1 Innovators D.1.a Venturesome risk...

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