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OL 2 Theorists

OL 2 Theorists - – Constructive play – Dramatic play...

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EDEC 250 Fall 2011 The Development of Play Chapter Two Constructivism – children bring their prior knowledge and experience (schema) to each situation, and build on that – adding or modifying. Learning occurs when children act on information to make it their own. Children’s play is Constructivism in action. Theorists -- Piaget, Vygotsky Piaget Practice or Functional Play (Physical Action) Repeated actions with the body or on objects Symbolic Play (Mental Representation)
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Unformatted text preview: – Constructive play – Dramatic play Games with Rules Vygotsky “Play is the source of development and creates the zone of proximal development” Erikson Children use play to work through emotional conflicts and concerns, to explore initiative and independence without risking adult judgments – Initiative v Guilt – Industry v Inferiority Parten Onlooker Solitary Play Parallel Play Group Play – Associative Play – Cooperative Play...
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