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Review 9 - 15 - Know the five communication principles Key...

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Review Chapters 9 – 15 Review the study guide, read the chapters & case studies, class notes and slides used in class. The majority of questions will come from the study guide but there will be questions from the text not discussed in class and some questions based on class discussion and video. Chapter 9 News Release, importance and three types of Know the top newspapers in the U.S. Know the key terms; define publicity, public relations, advertising, press agentry Four ways to produce publicity, value of publicity Goal of a journalist, who is Matt Drudge What is a third party endorsement What is a news conference/ pseudoevent Know the media as a public, Chapter 10 What is a PSA; types of PSAs; Know what an SMT is What is an intranet, Define a b-roll Review the IABC study as discussed in class, subjects of interest, preferred sources What is a VNR Chapter 11 Know the various tactics, what is a communication audit Review the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for, most admired, know top three
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Unformatted text preview: Know the five communication principles Key ingredient of internal communications programs IABC study, effective ways to communicate, most used Chapter 12 Review the community relations expectations, community and organizational Know media advocacy and examples used in class Review the discussion on community diversity Chapter 13 Know the Federal consumer agencies Know what a PAC is and spending limits Reagan’s communication principles What is a lobbyist and responsibilities What and why is the term public relations not used in terms of the Gillette Amendment Review the top PACs Chapter 14 Review our discussion on Consumer reports Traditional responsibilities Public relations goals Kennedy’s Bill of Rights Chapter 15 Review the global brand leaders, case study Review public relations in China, Japan, Canada, India...
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