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Chapter 19 Post

Chapter 19 Post - Crisis CrisisManagement Chapter19 .405...

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1 Crisis Management Chapter 19 Crisis A crisis is a situa4on that has reached a cri4cal phase for which drama4c and extraordinary interven4on is necessary to avoid or repair damage. Harvard Business Review p. ±05 Crisis Communica4on Issues Management Risk Communica4on Business Crisis Crisis Communica4on Communica4on in a crisis Management of the crisis The key to crisis management is being prepared Handling the media is the most cri4cal element in a crisis. Key Points (Watchwords) Be prepared Be available Be credible Act appropriately p. ±06 Crisis Communica4on Key Point: Crisis communica4on can be viewed as a special applica4on of media rela4ons.
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2 Goals of Crisis Management Terminate the crisis quickly Limit the damage Restore credibility Issues Management Is the capacity to understand, mobilize, coordinate, and direct all strategic and policy planning func4ons, and all public aFairs/ public rela4ons skills, toward achievement of one objec4ve p. ±03 Issues Management An4cipate emerging issues One to three years in advance Issues that concern your business Iden4fy issues selec4vely
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  • 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8, Beprepared Beavailable Becredible Actappropriatelyp.406, Limitthedamage · Restorecredibility, Onetothreeyearsinadvance ­ Issuesthatconcernyourbusiness

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Chapter 19 Post - Crisis CrisisManagement Chapter19 .405...

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